Create business applications efficiently

Minimize Risks & Save Time and Money

By supporting the creative processes of developing business solutions and removing friction from the development and deployment process, the Structr platform provides high value at a low risk to companies of any size. With Structr as a toolkit, creating highly productive enterprise applications is a matter of only a few weeks, even with a small team.
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Sounds promising, doesn't it?

With Structr, you can focus on your business instead of wasting time and money on complex IT problems.

Minimize Risks

Even customer-specific solutions created with Structr can be offered at a fixed price with fixed milestones. Flexibility is maintained during the individual project phases, as work is completely agile, but the individual project phases are so short that your risk remains manageable and controllable at all times.

With a Structr solution, you have full control over the risks typically inherent in individual software development.

Save Money

Structr solutions are usually created by a single person in less time than a much larger team of developers. This makes solutions developed with Structr significantly cheaper from the start.

Being faster and more cost-efficient is only possible because Structr has many built-in features and many intelligent tools that work seamlessly together.

Full Transparency

Structr enables a user-centric development strategy so you and your users are directly involved in every phase. This allows you to track the progress of the project at any time and intervene if necessary in order to correct undesirable developments as early as possible.

With Structr you create the right thing for your business.

"Using Structr significantly reduced the time to the first proof of concept and saved us a lot of development work."
Structr is a strategic partner for us, who is able to implement even difficult requirements quickly and efficiently. [...] Our software system becomes more and more powerful with each month and is the basis for the services KERBEROS Compliance Management Systems provides for its customers.
Christian Tsambikakis
Managing Director – KERBEROS CMS GmbH

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