Linked data is the platinum of the future

Easily Handle Linked & Dynamic Data

Today's digital processes create more and more data, but data silos often inhibit efficient information usage and gapless digital processes. The graph technology in Structr helps connecting existing data sources and systems and creating insight and knowledge by semantically enriching information and data flows. So if big data is the new gold, linked data is the platinum of the future.

Why connected data matters

In our physical world, everything is connected in one way or the other. Time to create solutions that value connections.

Value in Relationships

If you look closely enough, there's almost nothing in our real world that's either uniform or isolated from other things. So in order to map the reality to software, you need to take care of connections.

Structr uses graph technology that is designed and built to handle connected data well.

Data Silos = Unused Potential

In every larger organization, the digitization of the last decades has left its mark in the form of data silos. It is time to make better use of existing information and to create new insights by finally connecting the data pools.

With Structr as your workbench optimized for graph technology, you have found the right tool to integrate your data silos.

Visualization brings Insight

It's a first important step to organize data in graphs. A second even more important step is to create dedicated apps to interact and visualize your data.

Create user-specific custom apps and integrate state-of-the-art visualization tools with Structr.

"We were able to significantly reduce the development time by using Structr."
Structr allows us to much better use and connect existing information. Today nicos AG develops Structr-based tools within one-week sprints. A first assessment of Thomas Bösenberg from our development team at that time was: "That is at least 10 times faster!"
Karsten Hecker
Technical Director – nicos AG

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