The Structr Core Team

  • Axel Morgner Founder and CEO

    Axel (Twitter: @amorgner) started the Structr open-source project in 2010.

    Today he is Managing Director/CEO of Structr GmbH, the company behind the Structr project.

  • Christian Morgner Co-Founder

    Christian (@cmor_ on Twitter) is co-founder of Structr and responsible for large parts of the Structr project, mainly the backend components.

    He's an experienced software architect and developer with background in web application frameworks and low-latency backends.

  • Kai Schwaiger Co-Partner and Developer

    Kai joined the team in 2013 and is co-partner of the company behind the Structr project.

    He is an experienced software developer for Desktop and Web and also started developing for the iOS Platform in 2009. You can find his opinions, thoughts and rants on Twitter at @modogo.

  • Lukas Reich Software Developer

    Lukas joined Structr in late-2015 and is responsible for graph visualization and frontend components.

    He has written a thesis about visualization of graph data with Neo4j and Structr and focuses on data visualization and mobile development.

    His twitter nick is @kaisrei.

  • Christian Kramp Software Developer

    Christian has written a thesis about a generic database API based on a graph model. He loves to dig deep into software and APIs.

    He joined Structr in 2015. He works mainly on backend components and the database API.

    On Twitter follow @_ckramp.


The Company

Structr GmbH is the maker of the game-changing software suite Structr, a powerful application platform for Enterprise Master Data Management, Product Data Management, Enterprise Content Management and more. By leveraging the performance and flexibility of the world’s leading graph database Neo4j, Structr enables power users and developers to build web & mobile applications for almost any use case. With Structr, even non-developers can create simple apps in minutes, and for advanced users, Structr provides numerous modules, APIs and tools to build even more complex software systems in less time.

The brand Structr was established in 2010 when Axel started the software project of the same name. In 2011, when his brother Christian joined the project, the two brothers founded the company Morgner UG (UG = Unternehmergesellschaft, a small GmbH, similar to a Limited). The company has been renamed to Structr GmbH in 2015 and offers consulting, training and hosting services around Structr and Neo4j.