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Christian Morgner
06. October 2014
Announcement, Infrastructure, Structr,

4 Exciting New Structr Hosting Features

We put a lot of work into our hosting platform recently to improve on the existing features and make it even more useful for you! Now that Structr 1.0 is released, our hosting left the beta phase, too. Expect more cool features and exciting news to come!

We added a shiny new demo page

The first new feature I'd like to introduce today is a shiny new demo page that is pre-installed in each new hosted instance from now on. The demo page contains examples for many of Structr's most important features so you can start playing around immediately.

The page is part of Structr's new seed file for the upcoming 1.1 release and will be available in the open source GitHub repository shortly. Just so you can say: "I've seen it on the hosting platform first!"

All new instances run on Structr 1.0

This is not really a surprise since 1.0 is the latest stable release, but we had to make sure that 1.0 runs on our hosted instances flawlessly, hence the delay.

You can now create and restore snapshots

One of the biggest improvements in our hosted Structr instances' usability is the new snapshotting feature. You can now save your entire work with the click of a button, even while it's still running, and later return to that point just as easy. Snapshotting is powered by the online backup mechanism of the Neo4j Enterprise Edition, so it is reliable and fast. Restoring a snapshot takes just a few seconds (Structr must be stopped and restarted) depending on the size of your database. It has never been easier!

Each user will receive a free evaluation voucher

Last, but not least, we will provide each user with a free evaluation voucher of five Credits to test the new features and see what Structr has to offer. If you already have an account, contact us and request a voucher!