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Axel Morgner
25. June 2012
Structr, Announcement,

Can't believe it: structr-ui 0.5 is released!!

You might ask yourself "what's so special about releasing a beta version?". Well, nothing. In fact, structr 0.5 has all attributes of a beta version: It is buggy, it misses a lot of features, and in general, there's waaay of room for improvement (please note: This is true only for structr-ui, as the backend modules structr-core and structr-rest are rock-solid and successfully used in production).

But nevertheless, we're pretty proud of releasing structr-ui 0.5 to the public. We think that we've created something unique in the way how structr is using a graph database for storing content entities. And that this approach has some potential.

More details will follow. (As we've created our own blogging tool now, we finally feel comfortable to blog. :-) So chances are that we'll post some more information.)