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Axel Morgner
22. November 2013
Structr, CMS,

Some Benchmarks

Recently, we made some changes in the backend. See this forum post for more details:!topic/structr/CHQx5e7vTVg

Early Benchmarks

In order to detect possible impacts on performance before release 1.0, we did some benchmarking, and here are the results:

As you can see, the current stable release 0.8.2 is pretty fast. We used the Bootstrap Jumbotron Template for our tests, no caching enabled.

Speed Drop

With the latest backend changes applied, speed dropped by almost 30%.

Fortunately, we could easily fix that by adding a cache for the new relation classes, and even gained an additional 20% in performance compared to the current stable version!

1,000 req/sec

So we can say that Structr now can serve a typical web page at a rate of 1,000 requests/sec, including per-node ownership/security resolution and language filters!

The benchmark test was conducted on a standard PC with 4 cores and measured with JMeter. You can see the saturation above 4 threads.