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Lukas Reich
05. December 2017

Performance Tuning of File Upload

About a year ago we updated our integrated file upload service with support for pure HTML file forms. That brought file uploads to Structr without you having to code one line of javascript.

This year we tackled some performance issues we noticed with the service especially when uploading files larger than 2GB.

With some small changes we managed to almost halve the upload time and disk usage for every file while cutting memory usage to a hundredths of the previous version. With these impovements, Structr now can handle files of any size without blocking your precious memory and disc space!

If you want to learn more about uploading files to Structr take a look at our support articles or shoot us your questions in our google group.


The improvements are available now in the latest snapshot of Structr 2.3.0 at or and don’t require any adjustments of existing code.