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Axel Morgner
24. October 2017
Announcement, Structr, Conference,

Structr Development Contest GraphConnect New York 2017

Structr Developer Contest

During GraphConnect New York 2017, a contest will take place in the DevZone.
There are many great prizes waiting for you. After the closing keynote, we’ll announce the winners.

It’s Simple

Anyone can participate, as an individual or team, and it’s quite simple: We provide a Structr instance and a Neo4j database populated with this conference’s data set. All you need to prepare is to install Docker (including docker-compose) on your laptop.

Just download the package from or

You build an app while our development team assists you. The app has to be built using Structr’s integrated web app development environment or your own frontend stack, connecting to Structr as a JSON/REST backend. You can either use the default bootstrap theme and widgets provided by Structr or import your own choice. There are already some example pages in the system so you can start from there.

Terms and Conditions

You have time until the closing keynote starts. Every individual or team who wants to participate needs to show the app to a Structr team member. We might ask you to provide us an export/dump


There are five categories:

  • Best Usage of Graph Data
  • Best Graph Visualization
  • Best Mobile App
  • Best Data Management App
  • Best Overall App

The winners in each category will win a prize, and the winner of the Best Overall App award will get a special prize.


  • Sessions are tagged with categories. You could build a category page or even create a category hierarchy.
  • Favorites/watchlist
  • Activate full-text search (it’s already built into Structr)
  • Rate sessions and/or speakers
  • Session details page
  • Link a Twitter feed to each session
  • Personalized comments/notes (requires to add registration and login)
  • Session-related Q&A to stay in touch with the speakers
  • Statistics and benchmarks pages

Happy hacking!