Christian Morgner
18. July 2012
Neo4j, Cypher,

Lucene vs. Cypher

Today I investigated the poor performance of particular queries of the structr REST server when dealing with large datasets. We are using Lucene for querying the database. So, it turns out that one of the biggest disadvantages of NoSQL is - well - there's no SQL. There are no handy statements like LIMIT, OFFSET or ORDER BY, no server-side query optimization. If you need to sort and page your result set, you have to do it on your own. In our case, that means we have to take all the nodes of a…

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Axel Morgner
25. June 2012
Structr, Announcement,

Can't believe it: structr-ui 0.5 is released!!

You might ask yourself "what's so special about releasing a beta version?". Well, nothing. In fact, structr 0.5 has all attributes of a beta version: It is buggy, it misses a lot of features, and in general, there's waaay of room for improvement (please note: This is true only for structr-ui, as the backend modules structr-core and structr-rest are rock-solid and successfully used in production).But nevertheless, we're pretty proud of releasing structr-ui 0.5 to the public. We think that we've…

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Axel Morgner
24. June 2012

The story behind structr

This is the first post of a planned series about structr. Sorry that it took so long to get this out, but we were (and still are) quite busy in projects. Most of you have probably never heard of structr, so we start from the beginning:History and BackgroundBack in 2010, I decided to leave my former company and start something new. For more than eight years, we built closed-source ECM solutions based on the Oracle database and application server. After years with enterprise customers, enterprise…

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