Our Partners

Neo4j is the world's leading graph database platform. With a high-performance graph store at its core, the easy-to-use Cypher query language, ACID transactions, and all the features expected of a mature and robust database platform, Neo4j offers all the benefits of an enterprise-grade database since 2007.

Structr has been part of the inner circle of the global graph community since its foundation in 2010 and has been an official Neo4j partner since 2012. With its low-code platform, Structr uniquely contributes to the optimization and exploitation of the full potential of graph technology, with the mission to further extend this tradition.


LARUS is a leading innovative SME focused on the development of data-driven platforms based on network science and cutting-edge technologies. Thanks to its consolidated experience from different market segments, LARUS helps its customers to optimize their decision-making processes, increase their profits and stay competitive.

Structr and LARUS, both strategic partners of Neo4j for many years and part of the graph community, join forces through their business partnership for innovative, individually tailored customer solutions at the forefront of graph technology.


Based in Córdoba, Argentina, Bitsion® is on a mission to optimize its clients' businesses through transformative business solutions.

Effectively combining design, technology and business, it offers a large suite of easily adaptable solutions to respond to the specific needs of all companies in terms of:

Digital documentation, Digital identity, Digital Payments, Logistics, E-commerce, Process management. In addition, it has extensive experience in the Health and Insurance sectors, consolidating a strong position in Latin America.


PRODYNA is an innovative IT consultancy serving the digital needs of corporate enterprises across Europe. With around 320 employees, PRODYNA is represented by offices in the major European commercial regions including the UK and Netherlands.

PRODYNA embodies the portfolio of a creative agency, an IT consultancy, an IT integrator, and a cloud based hosting and support provider into a highly efficient and cost effective full service partner.

PRODYNA has supported global organizations with innovation, strategy, custom software, and all associated hosting, support and management processes for almost two decades.


EIT Digital is a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe’s digital transformation.

Its way of working embodies the future of innovation through a pan-European ecosystem of over 200 top European corporations, SMEs, start-ups, universities and research institutes, where students, researchers, engineers, business developers and entrepreneurs collaborate in an open innovation setting.

This pan-European ecosystem is located in Amsterdam, Berlin, Braga, Budapest, Brussels, Eindhoven, Edinburgh, Helsinki, London, Madrid, Milano, Munich, Nice, Paris, Rennes, Stockholm, Trento, and San Francisco.