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Customer Story Kerberos

Innovation in Compliance 
and Risk Management

Kerberos relies on Structr

Customer Kerberos Compliance-Managementsysteme GmbH
Industry Legal Technology – Risk Management / Anti-Money Laundering
Country Germany

Structr Use Case


Kerberos is a regtech system and service provider with a focus on money laundering prevention, risk and compliance management.

Kerberos‘ clients include well-known companies from the financial and non-financal sectors, such as sports betting providers and real estate agents.

The team of compliance managers, lawyers, analysts, litigation and IT specialists combines comprehensive legal knowledge with technical expertise to build intelligent IT solutions.

Kerberos has selected the Structr graph application platform not only to keep up with the increasingly complex and rapidly changing regulatory requirements for companies, but also to proactively offer their customers comprehensive services, customized risk management and compliance solutions.

Key Highlights

  • Graph-based compliance management system
  • Automated case management for money laundering detection
  • Audit-proof compliance using real-time documentation
  • Regtech Solution Provider
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Risk & Compliance Management
  • Consulting in “Know your customer” and “Data awareness” processes


  • Strong compliance- and documentation requirements
  • Intransparent network for 
multi-tier companies (e.g. franchise systems)


The German Federal Ministry of Finance estimates that up to 100 billion euros are illegally generated in Germany every year through money laundering.

Criminals in particular use so-called “risk industries,” such as the real estate sector or gambling industry.

Operators are subject to strict documentation and auditing requirements, and they must demonstrate transparency about how security and detection systems are implemented in their organizations. Affected market participants turned to the compliance expert Kerberos with a request for an IT solution capable of checking and documenting suspected cases of money laundering and, if necessary, reporting them to the authorities.

Annual money laundering potential for EU states in € bln


Kerberos Compliance Management Systems are committed to supporting their customers with their comprehensive portfolio of services and tools and providing them with the means not only to withstand this pressure, but even to gain a competitive advantage by mastering complex organizational and financial challenges through extensive automation. 

In order to achieve the necessary agility, Kerberos relies on Structr for the development of its systems. With its outstanding capabilities as a strategic development and integration platform based on a graph database, Structr can be considered the most innovative platform for the development of graph-based applications currently available.

Geotool for compliance, based on Structr graph applications, with minimum distances to facilities worth protecting, specified in legal regulations.
Geotool for compliance with minimum distances to facilities worth protecting, specified in legal regulations.
Real-time generated report, based on Structr graph application, on company networkwith traffic light system.
Real-time generated report on company network with traffic light system.
  • Tool for distance measurement between establishments and protected areas
  • Automated APIs to regulatory authorities

Structr enables efficient mapping, documentation and evaluation of the entire network of actors and companies with a high degree of automation through a data model that can be adapted at runtime. Further low-code components such as a flow engine and an integrated modular system for building web applications enable extremly agile development with the involvement of end users.

The flexibility of the platform and its outstanding speed at complex graph queries enable cost-efficient individual development and operation which leads to good scalability from individual entrepreneurs to multinational companies.

Christian Tsambikakis, Managing Director of Kerberos Compliance Management Systems, is enthusiastic: „The use of Structr has significantly reduced the time until the first proof-of-concept. For us, Structr is a strategic partner who implements even difficult requirements quickly and efficiently. […] Our software system becomes more powerful with every month and is the basis for the services that Kerberos provides for its customers“.

A first system was developed for a provider of sports betting. It allows data to be captured through technical interfaces and manual input and to be evaluated, visualised and archived in an audit-proof manner, workflow-supported, quality-assured and automatically in real time. The system currently manages around 220,000 people, companies and documents as well as around 1,000,000 relationships.

So far, the volume has already grown to 36 GB, and the trend is still rising.

Testimonial Kerberos Compliance Management Systems

Structr is a strategic partner for us, who is able to implement even difficult requirements quickly and efficiently. Our software system becomes more and more powerful with each month.
Christian TsambikakisManaging Director


In addition to the integration and real-time evaluation of transaction flows, the development team is already working on further improvements and extensions.

In the future, specialists and lawyers will themselves define check routines and decision-making processes with the help of Structr’s flow editor. This will help to avoid the intermediate step of implementing the routines by software developers and the often time-consuming coordination between users and developers.

In addition, numerous other processes and procedures have been implemented, thus enabling a much more extensive automation of planning. “We have by far not yet exhausted the potential of the technical solution architecture. Each new development module shows that we have found the perfect technology for our unique approach in the industry,” says Tsambikakis.

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  • Quick and easy processing of suspicious cases
  • Automated real-time reporting
  • Easy adaptation to regulatory changes
Tool for KYC and network analysis based on Structr graph application and Neo4j.
Tool for KYC and network analysis based on Structr and Neo4j.

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