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Customer Story Urlaubsarchitektur

Smart Booking System for Unique Holiday Residences

How URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR created an individual and flexible solution for holiday property rentals with Low Code and Graph Technology

Industry Tourism / Architecture
Country Germany

Structr Use Case

Urlaubsarchitektur & Structr

Since 2007, the platform urlaubsarchitektur.de presents architecturally outstanding vacation domiciles in Europe.

There are now 550 vacation homes, family-run hotels and B&Bs that meet the demanding concept, which focuses on the architectural and design quality and individuality of the accommodations. In addition to these core requirements, compelling tourist content, local as well as social responsibility and the issue of sustainability are also decisive criteria when accepting new partner houses into the network.

On the one hand, URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR functions as a gallery that brings together lovers and owners of first-class architecture for the duration of the vacation. On the other hand, the platform ensures a dynamic exchange within the network with workshops, partner meetings and consulting services.

Key Highlights

  • Flexible, customized booking management system / Flexible calendar widget for the visualization of occupancy
  • Central location for occupancy management / Maximum flexibility and clarity
  • Individually configurable mail traffic
  • For over 10 years the first choice for architecturally sophisticated vacation and guest houses
  • Focus on high quality and individuality
  • Brings together owners and lovers of first-class architecture

URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR facilitates the rental of dream houses through recommendations, rather than functioning as a booking platform. Communication between hosts and guests is always direct. To assist partners in managing their communication and bookings more effectively, the team, in collaboration with Structr, has developed this tool based on their extensive experience and expertise.

Key Highlights

  • Individual solution for booking management of holiday residences
  • Various external systems and interfaces to external software
  • High-performance queries in real time despite large amounts of data


The vacation homes listed on the URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR platform are uniquely individual and often unconventional, leading to special management requirements from their owners.

The primary requirement for a booking management system was a high degree of flexibility to accommodate the unique characteristics of each property and their varied booking processes. Additionally, the system needed to be compact, simple, and intuitive to ease administrative tasks for users.

Beyond individual management by owners, the system also needed to centrally manage the occupancy of all URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR accommodations, display availability on the platform, and facilitate searches for free periods.

Another important requirement was the ability to connect to external systems, enabling the import of occupancy data via calendar interfaces.

Lastly, the system had to provide real-time information, accessible at any time.


The core requirement for the new system was the comprehensive management of vacation homes or accommodations, including occupancy management and related tasks such as invoicing, booking inquiries, communication with interested parties or tenants, and handling rental property tasks.

An interface was also needed to provide booking and occupancy information to other technical consumers.

Developed in collaboration with Structr, the booking management system allows each host to independently manage accommodations, guests, pricing, invoices, and booking calendars.

Additionally, the solution offers users the ability to collect and analyze statistics from the database for improved tracking of occupancy.

  • Externally integrated booking form (with occupancy check and integration into the overall workflow)
  • Externally integrated booking calendar / occupancy information
  • Interface for providing booking / occupancy information available to other technical consumers


The flexibility and performance of Structr never fails to impress us. Structr also made it possible to get our booking tool up and running in a short time.
Jan HamerFounder and Curator


  • Web-based, multilingual, and adaptable to all currencies and tax rates
  • Management of requests, bookings, and blocked periods
  • Comprehensive CRM for all guest data
  • Booking and occupancy calendar integration for vacation homes
  • Automated checks to prevent double bookings
  • Automatic calculation of deposits and down payments
  • Availability queries from the URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR portal


Within just a few months, a flexible and dynamic management solution was developed, addressing the majority of requirements for property owners and managers—ranging from scheduling to email communication and payment management.

This innovative system integrates cutting-edge technologies such as low-code and graph technology, along with apps specifically tailored to the needs of the target group.

With Structr’s solution, the platform’s partners now have the ability to customize their booking management, simplifying their administrative tasks. In addition, the URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR portal provides users with insights into occupancy data, including availability calendars and queries, and a robust payment system.

The booking system will be continuously expanded in coordination with the partners of URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR. The next version aims to introduce a booking frontend for guests.

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