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Community Edition0 €

  • Free & Open Support included
  • No included Modules

Basic EditionASK

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  • Recommended support level: Bronze
  • Basic Modules included

Small Business EditionASK

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  • Recommended support level: Silver
  • Additional Modules included

Enterprise EditionASK

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  • Recommended support level: Gold
  • All Modules included

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Available Modules

For the Basic Edition, Small Business Edition and Enterprise Edition, there are a number of additional modules available:
Module Description Community Basic Small Business Enterprise
API Builder Visual tool/user interface for Virtual Types
Advanced Reporting Time-/event based log analysis; average, KPI, correlations,
Android AppStore Use Structr as an highly configurable app store for Android apps, including statistics, authentication, user management, signed JAR files
CMIS Interface Access files and folders through the CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) protocol, a standard protocol for Enterprise Content Management; supports cutom metadata, relationships and more (prepared for CMIS 2.0)
CSV Export Export any data in CSV format
CSV Import Import CSV data to create data objects
Cloud Sync Transmit data objects between Structr instances over an encrypted channel, supports compression and streaming
Core System The base module containing backend and frontend components like the integrated REST server, schema editor, app workbench, web server, security, graph editor, data editor etc.
Crawler Web scraping tool to crawl websites; able to extract data from web pages into graph structures; follows links
Data Feeds Read, parse and cache RSS, Atom and Web feeds
File Access Protocols Access files via FTP and SCP
Geospatial Geo-Indexing, distance queries, geo-coding addresses using BING or Google Maps
Knowledge Management Extract semantics from text using NLP to populate thesaurus
LDAP Client Connector Authenticate against LDAPv3 server
LDAP Server Connector Use Structr as LDAPv3 repository
Logging Log actions to the graph database
Media Converter Audio/Video conversion
Microformats Parser Parse HTML and convert to data objects
OAuth Client OAuth authentication against 3rd party auth service
OAuth Server Use Structr as OAuth 2.0 authentication service
PDF/eBook Exporter Export any content as PDF or eBook
Payment Gateway Process payments through different payment gateways like PayPal and others
RDF/OWL Importer Import data in RDF and OWL format
SOAP Connector Connect to SOAP web services
Scheduler Configure background jobs to be executed, crontab-like syntax for schedule
Text Search Text extraction, indexing and search for files. Supports most common file formats.
Translation Module Serverside translation functionality using Google Cloud Translation API
Virtual Types User-definable import/export APIs
XML Parser Allows to parse XML and create data objects from it
XML Renderer Create XML documents from data objects and queries
XMPP Client Connect Structr as client to XMPP-capable servers