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The installation file (.deb, .zip) or the Docker image contains everything you need - no additional software required.

  • GNU Linux: Debian Package
  • Any platform: Docker Image or ZIP Archive

Binary package (.deb, .zip) or Docker image Options

The Debian package (.deb) can be installed on any Debian-based Linux systems such as Ubuntu or Mint, the distribution archive file in ZIP format is meant for any other operating systems like Apple macOS.

If you have Docker installed (see, you can install and run Structr in a Docker container. You can find the official Docker images of Structr on Docker Hub. Please follow the instructions in the overview section for setup and further proceeding.

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To be able to send you a licence key, we need your contact details. Please enter a valid e-mail address and also your name so that we can address you correctly. Thank you very much!

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Structr in Action!

On our YouTube channel you can find more videos about Structr.

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