What customers have achieved with Structr Customer Stories

Read how and why our customers are successful with Structr.

How Winterswijk benefits from graph technology Preserving Environmental Quality with Structr

In our latest customer success story you can read how a municipality in the Netherlands uses Structr to ensure that important landscape qualities worth protecting are preserved for its citizens.

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How Plan.One uses graph technology to manage multiple metadata Mastering Complex Product Data

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is currently revolutionizing the construction industry and creates the possibility of planning projects across disciplines by means of intelligent virtual building models. Standards such as Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) enable direct and complete data exchange of component data.

Classical software solutions are often inadequate and too rigid for this. This is where innovative solutions such as that of our customer Plan.One are required, which allows to compare building products from different manufacturers and export the product data directly into the company's own planning tools.

In our customer report, we describe the solution approach of modelling the entire provider-specific product and process-dependent metadata and IFC structures as coherent graphs and managing them in a convenient schema tool that we developed on behalf of Plan.One.

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Kerberos Relies on Structr Innovation in Compliance and Risk Management

Kerberos Compliance Management Systems has set itself the goal of optimally supporting its customers with its comprehensive portfolio of services and systems and giving them the means not only to withstand this pressure, but also to generate a competitive advantage from mastering the complex organizational and financial challenges through extensive automation.

In order to achieve the necessary agility, Kerberos relies on Structr for the development of the systems, which with its outstanding possibilities as a strategic development and integration platform based on a graph database can be described as currently the most innovative graph application platform. Structr enables efficient mapping, documentation and evaluation of the entire network of actors and companies with a high degree of automation through a data model that can be adapted at runtime.

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