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We have already documented a lot, but by far not everything, that is possible with Structr and how it works. Stay tuned - we're on it.

Structr Knowledge Graph

The Structr Knowledge Graph is the central resource base where all information about and around Structr are connected.

Besides the official manual, you will find Getting Started articles, FAQ, guides and tutorials, as well as links to external resources like StackOverflow questions, GitHub issues, or discussion threads.

The Knowledge Graph isn’t just another static content platform where information is stored once and then outdates over time. It is designed and built as a living structure, being updated not only by the Structr team but also semi-automatically by user activities in the support system. By using a mixture of manual categorization and natural language processing, information is being extracted from the content origins to update and extend the graph.

Access the Knowledge Graph

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Getting started

Just download and install Structr on your computer or on any server and start creating your app.

All you need is a web browser and Java installed to run the Structr server.