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Axel Morgner
19. May 2020
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Structr 3.5: A Big Step for Low-Code Development and Graph Technology

Frankfurt/Main, May 19, 2020 – Structr GmbH today announced the general availability of their new release Structr 3.5. Structr is a low-code development and runtime system that combines graph technology and low-code application development (LCAP) with an innovative approach to store the components of a software application in a graph database.

With the unique combination of low-code development and graph technology, Structr helps to significantly reduce the time to develop enterprise applications, digital twins and knowledge graphs.

Key highlights of the 3.5 release:

  • Integration of JDK 11, the latest Java LTS version, replaces outdated JDK version 8
  • Improvements for large databases: Increased performance by improved handling of incremental result loading
  • Code UI: Improved auto-completion suggestions, support for type groups and improved handling of recently used types
  • New deployment format: Modified visibility flags, new “tree” style default export format for schema data
  • Dashboard: New configurable main menu
  • Schema Editor: Bulk save for properties / methods
  • Config wizard: Configure multiple database connections
  • Database support: Discontinuation of embedded mode; Neo4j is no longer shipped with Structr.

The Structr development team has incorporated many small improvements in version 3.5 which are noticeable in many places through improved usability and speed.

With approximately 500 commits within five months of development, release 3.5 is an important step towards the new major version 4 which is already in the planning and development stage. Among other things, it will include a completely revised user interface, a new area for further low-code application development, and a new workflow engine.

Support for additional (graph) databases is also on the roadmap, and there will be a number of surprises that the entire Structr team is already looking forward to with excitement and anticipation.

About Structr

The team at Structr GmbH develops an integrated low-code development and runtime environment for web-based enterprise applications, in which the components of a software application - from the data model to the business logic to the user interface - are mapped in a graph database.

This unique approach enables unprecedented speed and flexibility in application development and maintenance, resulting in enormous time and cost savings, sustainable information management and good working environments.

The Structr team supports customers worldwide in projects and creates integrated, holistic solutions that can be easily extended and adapted to individual requirements at any time.

For more details read the release notes: