Workshops and Training Courses

Next Training Events:

In spring 2018, we'll be doing two Structr trainings in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.


When: t.b.a.
Where: Structr Offices, Hanauer Landstraße 291a, 60314 Frankfurt, Germany

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When: t.b.a.
Where: Structr Offices, Hanauer Landstraße 291a, 60314 Frankfurt, Germany

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1-Day Introductory Training: Structr Basics

In this course you will learn how to install, setup and use Structr and build a simple web application.

  • General
    • Short introduction to graph databases and Neo4j
    • Overview of Structr's technical components (REST server, admin backend GUI etc.)
    • Installation, configuration, starting, stopping a Structr instance and making backups
    • Create a simple custom data model
    • Create and manage users and groups
    • How to manage data in the backend GUI
  • Content Management
    • Create folder structures
    • Up- and Download files and images
    • Image manipulation
    • Enable full-text search and OCR in images
    • Configure custom metadata
    • Manage folder and file permissions
  • Develop Web Applications
    • Create and edit pages
    • Widgets and shared components
    • Create lists and tables by using repeater elements
    • Handling of request parameters
    • Output formatting and simple scripting
    • Simple schema methods
    • Localization/create multi-language content
Target Audience:
  • Content Authors
  • Web Designers
  • Web Developers
  • Data Modelers
  • DBAs
  • Business Analysts and everyone else

Skills taught: An understanding of the product Structr, the underlying concepts and technology, how it works, how to use Structr to create a simple domain model, a RESTful backend service and a simple web application.

Prerequisites: You don’t need any previous experience with Structr, Neo4j, or specific developer skills, but a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript would help.

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2-Day Advanced Training: Develop Sophisticated Graph-based Apps

This course is based on the 1-day intro training and will teach you how to become a proficient user of Structr. In the hands-on section, you'll be creating a real-world web application with a custom data model and learn how to use the advanced features of Structr.

  • General
    • Deployment and Export/Import of Structr apps
    • How to use a shared source code repository
    • Maintenance commands
    • Use existing Neo4j databases
    • Use the interactive console
  • Data Modeling
    • Create your own custom data model
    • Type inheritance
    • Advanced attribute types
    • Function and Cypher attributes
    • Schema methods
  • Scripting
    • Built-in functions
    • Server-side JavaScript
    • Other scripting languages
    • Create your own widgets
  • Data Import/Export
    • Import CSV data
    • Export to JSON, XML, CSV
    • Use the REST API to manage data
    • Connect other apps and map data by using Virtual Types
    • Specify scheduled tasks (cron jobs)
Target Audience:
  • Skilled Content Authors
  • (Web) Developers
  • Data Modelers

Skills taught: An deeper understanding of Structr, its advanced features and how to build sophisticated, interactive web applications.

Prerequisites: Previous experience with Structr and Neo4j is required (we recommend the Structr Basics course), as well experience in web development and data modeling.

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