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Anke Pachauer
02. June 2020

Preserving Environmental Quality with Structr

In our latest customer success story you can read how a municipality in the Netherlands uses Structr to ensure that important landscape qualities worth protecting are preserved for its citizens.

For Christian Morgner, our co-founder and main developer of the project, it was a special experience to create the so-called "Atlas":

"The Winterswijk project has shown the possibilities of Structr in a completely new context. The motivation of the local project management to use our platform for the benefit of good living conditions and sustainable urban planning for the people in the area has given us a lot of tailwind in building the system.

When we saw the result and thought about the possibilities that Structr offers, we realized that not only the internal cooperation within the company but also the entire social interaction can be significantly improved."

You can read the full story in the free PDF you can download below.


PDF, 4.8 MB