Who we are Structr GmbH

We are the team that stands behind the Structr platform with know-how, professionalism and passion.

  • Company behind the Structr Low-Code Graph Platform
  • Headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Dedicated to Graph Technology since 2011

About Us

We are the core team behind the open-source product Structr. Our goal is to deliver best-quality, innovative solutions and individual software development.

The brand Structr was established in 2010 when Axel started the software project of the same name. In 2011, when his brother Christian joined the project, the two brothers founded a company which has been renamed to Structr GmbH in 2015.


Our mission is to create nothing less than the most powerful, versatile and open application platform based on graph technology.

Founders and Partners

We love what we do. Our intrinsic motivation is to support you in an efficient way with our technology and to be successful together with you as a team.

Axel Morgner

Founder & Managing Director

Christian Morgner

Co-Founder & Developer

Kai Schwaiger

Partner & Developer

Michael Volpert

Partner & Advisor

Getting started

Start your personal and free sandbox at https://structr.com/services/start-sandbox. As a developer, you can simply run Structr as a Docker container.

You can find everything you need to know about Docker installation at https://github.com/structr/docker-setup. How to create an application with Structr is shown in detail in this tutorial.

Start Sandbox