The key features of the latest Structr release at a glimpse What's New in Structr 5.0?

This brand new major version is once again packed with many interesting and useful features.


  • Revised Event Action Mapping
  • Flexible UUID support (32-char or 36-char UUIDv4)
  • Performance enhancement, e.g. end nodes prefetching
  • UI refactoring with massive memory footprint reduction
  • New cluster mode based on JGroups

Version Updates

  • Support for Neo4j 5.x
  • Upgrade to Java/JDK 17 (LTS)
  • Upgrade to Jetty 11
  • Upgrade to GraalVM 22.3.1
  • Support for Apache Pulsar

Backend & Messaging

  • Enhanced OpenAPI support
  • Open intervals for numerical range queries via HTTP/REST API
  • Support for multipart HTTP requests for file uploads
  • Option to remove properties from subclass views

Structr Admin UI

  • New preview option in right-hand side slide-out
  • New thread management section in Dashboard
  • Enhanced drag'n'drop and SVG icons
  • Chosen plugin replaced by Select2

Frontend Builder

  • Support for <template> elements and template-based notifications
  • Support for multi-segment URLs for custom page paths
  • New default widget server
  • Tailwind-CSS-based widgets
  • Support for code transpiling of scripts with import statements

Function Library & Scripting

  • startsWith/endsWith support for advanced 'find()'
  • Support for temporal JS proposal (TC39)
  • Access to virtual filesystem via scripting
  • New 'create_or_update' function
  • Support for all JVM's MessageDigest hash functions in 'hash()'

IDE Features

  • Python support in default Docker image
  • Chrome online debugging support
  • Enhanced syntax highlighting for mixed content with support for ${{…}} in HTML
  • Code completion for internal keywords
  • Enhanced support for Java methods in Code area

Structr in Action!

On our YouTube channel you can find more videos about Structr.

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