Structr is Free (as in speech) and Open Source Software Open Source & Community

  • Open Forum / Mailing list
  • Licensed under GPLv3 and AGPLv3
  • Source code available on GitHub

Forum / Mailing list

For general questions and discussions around Structr, there's a Mailing List and Forum at Google Groups:!forum/structr

Join development

Fork Structr on GitHub.

We're happy to review your Pull Request. Please make sure to write an appropriate test before submitting a pull request. There are a lot of examples you can take as templates for writing your own tests:

Found a Bug?

If you stumble upon a bug in Structr, please report it here. You're of course welcome to request features (we know that there are a lot missing). Please do report them directly as a GitHub issue using the appropriate tag.

Getting started

Start your personal and free sandbox at As a developer, you can simply run Structr as a Docker container.

You can find everything you need to know about Docker installation at How to create an application with Structr is shown in detail in this tutorial.

Start Sandbox