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Christian Morgner
07. October 2016
Announcement, Structr, Documentation,

Scheduled Schema Methods in Structr

I recently pushed a small change to the master branch of Structr that allows you to configure the periodic execution of StructrScript / server-side JavaScript methods in structr.conf.


In case you didn't know, Structr has a built-in scheduling service that can execute periodic tasks. It is configurable with a syntax very similar to the one of the UNIX crontab file, hence the name CronService.


With this change, the CronService gains the ability to execute scripts stored in a SchemaMethod instance. To use that feature, create a new object of type SchemaMethod in the Structr Backend, set a name, and put the desired scripting code in the source field.

You can then configure the periodic execution of your method in the structr.conf file like this:

# Configure two periodic tasks
CronService.tasks = countUsers createReports

# Run countUsers every day at 4:00
countUsers.cronExpression = 0 0 4 * * *

# Run createReports each hour on Mondays during the first 10 days in April and October
createReports.cronExpression = 0 0 * 1-10 4,10 1


You will find the new feature in the current master branch on GitHub, or in the next snapshot of Structr 2.1.0 which will be released shortly.