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Axel Morgner
17. September 2013
Structr, Announcement,

Release 0.8 is out!

Yesterday, we released Structr 0.8. It was a really important milestone on the way to 1.0.

Why so important?

Because it contains a lot of improvements to the UI, and the UI is important for broad adoption. For example, we introduced "Widgets".


Widgets are elements that are common to typical web sites, like f.e. a table, a button, or an area containing recurring elements.

In Structr, anything - from a single node up to a comprehensive, interactive page - can be a Widget, and it can be easily shared between Structr instances. You can use an existing Widget by just dragging it into your page where you can then modify it, and save it afterwards to be reused on another page, or even in a different Structr instance. You can think of Structr Widgets as shared website elements, containing static markup, and optional query parameters for dynamic data. But not only widgets. We added a lot of useful and interesting stuff to the UI, f.e. slide-outs.


A slide-out is an area containing a list of items, like f.e. elements of existing pages, new HTML elements, widgets, or components, which can be dragged and dropped onto other elements, or even into a page preview (yes - drag'n drop into page previews is back - but hush... that feature needs some more love...).


And to edit data in your (graph) database, Structr provides a CRUD UI, providing generic data editing functions, typical to a database backend.


(Some things trivial to a CMS, are just mentioned here: Image gallery, File/Image upload per drag'n drop, user/group management, access control/security etc.)

Want to learn more about Structr? Come to GraphConnect in San Francisco, or visit GOTO Berlin and listen to my talk about Neo4j-based web apps with Structr 1.0.