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Axel Morgner
18. March 2021

Structr GmbH and Bitsion® Announce Cooperation Agreement

We are pleased to announce a partnership agreement between Structr GmbH and Bitsion®. By combining our individual strengths into a powerhouse, we will enable companies across South America to leverage Bitsion®'s deep IT business expertise while using the unique combination of graph technology and low-code application development in the Structr platform. Powered by graph technology, Bitsion will create fast and powerful web-based applications that will significantly increase their customer’s business efficiency while lowering cost.

"We are very excited to be working with Bitsion®. Our combined business cultures, love of technology and business models compliment each other and we believe that their customers will benefit from our technology. Our mutual focus is on providing companies across Latin America great software to achieve their goal of efficient digital transformation. We want our partners to experience what cutting-edge technologies make possible today, which is more than they can possibly imagine," said Axel Morgner, CEO of Structr GmbH.

“We are delighted to include Structr GmbH as one of our strategic partners, because we at Bitsion® decided to embrace change and we know that the best way to move forward in this age of transformation is if we move forward together. Driven by the same motivation, we trust that the combination of our technologies will drive great benefits for all clients in Latin America who wish to achieve the best results for their company in the digital age " said Manuel Cabrera, CEO of Bitsion®

About Structr

Based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Structr GmbH is on a mission to transform the way businesses of all sizes plan and ultimately execute their company's transition into today and tomorrow’s digital landscape. With its application platform based on graph technology and low code to pro code nature, Structr offers an unprecedented solution built on cutting-edge technologies. The recently launched Structr 2.0 provides business owners with a discrete and simple starting point to explore the key strategies needed to support their exit plan.

About Bitsion®

Based in Córdoba, Argentina, Bitsion® is on a mission to optimize its clients' businesses through transformative business solutions. Effectively combining design, technology and business, it offers a large suite of easily adaptable solutions to respond to the specific needs of all companies in terms of: Digital documentation, Digital identity, Digital Payments, Logistics, E-commerce, Process management. In addition, it has extensive experience in the Health and Insurance sectors, consolidating a strong position in Latin America.

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