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Low-Code Platform for Complex Use Cases

With Structr, you can handle much more complexity than with any other no-code or low-code tool.


What makes Structr stand out?

Build individual software solutions in no timeBuild individual software solutions in no time

Feature-rich applications in minutes with the flexibility and speed of Graph technology

Control complexity through graph technologyControl complexity through graph technology

No-compromise back-ends and front-ends optimized for each role

All-in-one software stack with all necessary toolsAll-in-one software stack with all necessary tools

Build real end-to-end solutions without any additional tools or services needed

Features of Structr

Essential functionality for your core needs

Schema Editor

The schema editor is the foundational and most crucial visual tool on the Structr platform, enabling both non-programmers and experienced developers to master complexity and optimize system efficiency without code.

Flow Engine & Editor

The flow editor on the Structr platform simplifies programming with a visual interface, fostering collaboration between business experts and developers. It allows direct implementation control for users and integrates seamlessly with existing scripts, providing a flexible coding alternative.

Data Editor

Manage and access data on the Structr platform with ease, using a customizable data editor and advanced JSON/REST APIs. Features include secure CRUD operations, type inheritance, and robust import/export capabilities.

Page Builder

Explore the capabilities of Structr’s Page Builder, a powerful tool designed for easy creation and management of stunning web pages. It supports both beginners and advanced users with drag-and-drop functionality and scripting integration, allowing for the quick development of complex applications.

File & Asset Management

Optimize digital asset management with Structr's file system, featuring customizable metadata and multi-protocol access for seamless integration.

Content Management

Optimize content management with Structr's integrated tool, enabling easy customization and management of diverse content types.

Security & Access Control

Enhance security with Structr's customizable access controls, offering precise user, group, and role management for efficient permission handling.

Code Area

Streamline development with Structr's code area, a comprehensive web IDE for managing and editing application components efficiently.

Mega trend low-code platforms

The Analysts Agree

Enterprise-wide low-code application platforms enable compelling productivity gains for (...) development and faster deployment.
Low-code development platforms are emerging as a key strategy for accelerating application delivery (...). And they can make software development up to 10x faster than traditional methods.

Use Cases

The Power of Structr

Only Structr, through its unique combination of low-code/no-code tools and native graph technology, offers the ability to maintain complex use cases with playful ease. But even simple use cases benefit from the architecture and can be realized faster and cheaper.

Content Hub / Headless CMSContent Hub / Headless CMS

A Content Hub, also known as a Headless CMS, serves as a central source for digital content. It integrates seamlessly with any infrastructure, categorizes content, and facilitates central searching.

Use cases in detail

Knowledge GraphsKnowledge Graphs

Companies gain competitive advantages by organizing knowledge into networks linked to involved individuals. These structures become valuable when used to predict future situations from past data.

Use cases in detail

Digital Asset & Document ManagementDigital Asset & Document Management

Digital asset management systems store media like images, audio, and videos with metadata in a central database. They use a keyword catalog for efficient searching and categorization.

Use cases in detail

Product Information Management (PIM)Product Information Management (PIM)

Modern products, increasingly complex due to customer demands for individuality, cannot be managed effectively with traditional product information management systems.

Use cases in detail
The collaboration with Structr is exceptional! In addition to the product, which exceeded our expectations within the joint PoC, I was most impressed by how quickly the colleagues grasped our complex issue and presented a precise solution within a few days.

I perceive Structr as a reliable team that identifies with the client's problem and regularly proves that it is capable of solving the client's challenges. Structr impresses with its exceptional intellectual and organisational flexibility.
Yaroslav WeltersProduct Owner (IT Consultant), ista SE

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