Low-Code Application Platform
Based on Graph Technology

Knowledge Graphs, Machine Learning and AI

Companies achieve significant competitive advantages when organizing existing knowledge as a network or graph and link it to the people involved.

The structures created in this way become even more valuable when organizations use them to infer future situations from existing past and present information.

Structr optimally combines the advantages of storing information in a context network with the possibilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Rapid Application Development

Rapid Application Development is a special form of software application development in which the various phases are worked through iteratively and necessary changes are made directly in the development process.

With RAD, a higher overall speed of development and better and more targeted results are achieved.

Structr, with its visual low-code tools, is perfectly suited for the RAD approach, optimally supporting the developer in all tasks and thus enabling extremely short iterations.

Digital Twins and Smart IoT

With the help of Digital Twins, the real world can be mapped onto virtual objects, making it possible to vividly model interrelationships at different levels and phases of the value chain.

Information that was previously scattered and incoherent in different systems becomes visible and usable.

Structr enables the efficient development of Digital Twins with the help of its central data and process model based on graph technology.

Mega Trend Low-Code Platforms The Analysts Agree:

Democratization of technology: strategic trend

"Enterprise low-code application platforms offer compelling productivity gains for [...] development, as well as speed-of-delivery benefits."
Gartner, Inc.
Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms

Rising adoption of low-code platforms

"Low-code development platforms are emerging as a key strategy to accelerate app delivery [...]. And they have the potential to make software development as much as 10 x faster than traditional methods."
John Rymer
Vice President & Principal Analyst Forrester Research, Inc.

What makes Structr unique Unique Strengths integrated in a Single Platform

The use of graph technology is what makes Structr stand out from other low-code platforms.

  • Structr is an integrated low-code development and runtime environment for web-based enterprise applications.

  • All relevant data is stored in a graph database and can be transformed into any form of aggregation using a graph-based schema.

  • Originally designed as a content management system, Structr has been continuously developed into an application platform.


Getting started

Start your personal and free sandbox at https://structr.com/services/start-sandbox. As a developer, you can simply run Structr as a Docker container.

You can find everything you need to know about Docker installation at https://github.com/structr/docker-setup. How to create an application with Structr is shown in detail in this tutorial.

Start Sandbox

"Teamwork with heart and mind!"

"Together with Structr, we have developed a tool that allows our employees outside development to independently manage the areas in our database that are relevant to them."
Dr. Nikita Mattar
Head of Software Development – Plan.One GmbH

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