Axel Morgner
16. December 2017
UI, Programming,

Die Qual der Wahl - Frontend-Technologien in 2017

Alle Jahre wieder wird man gefragt oder muss die Frage für eigene Projekte beantworten, welches denn aktuelle die Frontend-Technologie der Wahl ist. Schon lange wollte ich das einmal aufschreiben, damit ich nur noch Links versenden muss und eine Grundlage für zukünftige Antworten habe.

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Lukas Reich
05. December 2017
Structr, REST, Programming, CMS,

Performance Tuning of File Upload

About a year ago we updated our integrated file upload service with support for pure HTML file forms. That brought file uploads to Structr without you having to code one line of javascript.

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Kai Schwaiger
22. November 2017
Structr, UI, REST,

User Interface for Virtual Types

Virtual Types have long been a hidden gem in Structrs API-Builder module (available in the Enterprise Edition). To make this powerful feature more widely known, we introduced a new management interface for virtual types.

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Kai Schwaiger
13. November 2017
REST, Structr, UI,

Christian Morgner
03. November 2017
Announcement, Structr,

Structr 2.2 released

2017 has been a fantastic year so far. We've put a lot of work into improving Structr, and the product has made huge progress in many areas. We added schema-based import wizards for CSV and XML, we improved the overall performance, and we added and fixed lots of tiny things to make your Structr experience even better. Just after GraphConnect New York, we're thrilled to announce the 2.2 release of Structr, full of improvements and new features. It's an important step towards our upcoming…

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Axel Morgner
24. October 2017
Announcement, Structr, Conference,

Kai Schwaiger
24. September 2017
Structr, Programming,

Cutting deployment times by up to 95%

Since we introduced deployment exports/imports in Structr 2.1 (see our productivity increased steadily. Being able to quickly spin up a completely emtpy Structr instance and deploying an existing application without the user data proved to be a very convenient and fast way to test/develop new features. Not to speak of the other benefits like version control, making it easier to work with multiple developers and so on...

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Christian Morgner
12. June 2017
Announcement, Infrastructure, Structr,

New Release Strategy: Continuous Delivery

Starting with version 2.1.0, we have switched our release life cycle from one major release every couple of months to a continuous delivery model based on the current `master` branch on GitHub. We will continue to build SNAPSHOT versions inbetween the releases, but you can expect the new releases to come out much more frequently (we're currently at 2.1.2). You can find the current release as well as the most recent SNAPSHOT version on .

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Cristina Escalante, COO of The SilverLogic
03. May 2017
Structr, Tutorial,

Blog App Tutorial

This introduction to Structr will guide you through the creation of a simple Structr blog application. We will start from an empty Structr instance and build the blog application feature-by-feature, walking you through how to deal with access control, authentication, and applying basic bootstrap.

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Christian Morgner
19. October 2016
CMS, Example, Structr,

Simplified file upload

Next in line on the list of new features in the upcoming 2.1 release is a small update that allows you to use the standard HTML file upload form to upload files into an application built with Structr. Until now, that was a rather complicated process, because the upload handling had to be done using JavaScript. With this simple change, you can now use the below pure HTML form to upload a file to a folder of your choice, and set properties on the file. <form action="/structr/upload"…

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