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Maximum security on three levels

Security & Access Control

Create maximum security through customized control for each access path and pattern by defining users, groups, roles, type and schema-dependent permissions as well as individual access rights at object level.

Comprehensive Security and Access Control

Ensure maximum security with Structr’s customizable access control system. Define users, groups, roles, and permissions at type, schema, and object levels for tailored protection. Our system supports hierarchical group structures, LDAP synchronization, and various authentication protocols. Benefit from fast rights resolution with graph database technology, ensuring efficient and secure access management for complex enterprise needs.

Security & Access Control

Users, Groups and Roles

In order to make the content and functions of Structr applications accessible to people with different tasks and privileges, individual users can be created or synchronized from directory services.

The group memberships that can be defined via the admin user interface or the directory data allow authorizations to be assigned based on roles, as multiple memberships and groups with any level of nesting are also possible.


  • Users and hierarchical group structures
  • Multiple membership and any nesting depth
  • Synchronization with LDAP directory services possible
  • Authentication via OAuth, web tokens and other protocols
  • SHA-512-based salted password hashes

Security & Access Control

Type and schema-based authorizations

In order to manage permissions for the elements to be accessed more efficiently, patterns can be defined in Structr, e.g. by using the schema topology or grouping objects based on their type.

These types of authorizations are compiled when changes are made and resolved extremely quickly at runtime without the need for additional database calls.


  • Grouping of similar objects by type and schema topology
  • Assignment via easy-to-use tools in the admin interface
  • Programmatic authorization assignment possible via APIs
  • Extremely fast rights resolution through the use of compiled code

Security & Access Control

Individual access rights at object level

Finally, access to individual objects can also be granted or blocked for users and groups. With this and in combination with the functions listed above, almost all conceivable security concepts can be implemented, which is essential for sophisticated enterprise solutions.

The resolution of the defined rights at runtime is usually very detrimental to performance and takes longer the more and the more complex the authorization patterns defined. By using a graph database for rights resolution, Structr achieves only a linearly increasing slowdown, while other systems experience an exponential decrease in resolution speed, which often makes complex use cases impossible.


  • Individual access protection down to the level of individual objects
  • Uncompromising use of authorizations possible thanks to high resolution speed
  • No exponential, but at most linearly increasing effort for authorization resolution
  • Even high security requirements with complex authorizations can be implemented

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