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Low-Code Tool for Creating Database Schemas

Schema Editor

Create sophisticated database schemas with Structr's unique no-code schema tool and implement the data model that fits your use-case without compromises.

Powerful Low-Code Schema Tool

Unlock your database’s potential with Structr’s Schema Editor. This no-code tool allows users to create advanced database schemas easily. Beginners benefit from an intuitive interface, while experienced developers enjoy features for comprehensive schema management and professional developers access dynamic attributes and extensive scripting for complex data models.

Schema Editor

Ease of Use for Beginners

Thanks to the representation as a graph, even users who have no programming knowledge will find their way around. The extensive functionality of the Structr platform can be utilised simply by inheriting so-called “built-in” data types.


  • Low-code tool - no programming skills needed
  • Create database schemas for use case-specific extensions
  • Control the structure and functionality of the interfaces (APIs)

Schema Editor

Convenience for Experienced Users

But also for users with a background in software development, Structr provides a rich selection of features that make schema development fun again.

New type classes can be created very easily by simply entering a name. The possible relationships between two types can be defined using drag and drop. In addition, an easy-to-use editor allows any attributes to be assigned to the data types.


  • Object and relationship types
  • Attributes, views and methods
  • Type inheritance to access Structr’s built-in functionality

Schema Editor

Advanced Features for the Pros

For professional developers, Structr’s schema editor offers many more functions that enable even sophisticated and complex data schemas. The possibilities are almost endless thanks to the script-based extensibility and are in no way inferior to those of full-blown enterprise development stacks.


  • Customizable views (sets of properties)
  • Dynamic function attributes, evaluated at runtime
  • Schema methods to define behaviour
  • Lifecycle actions (create, update, delete or custom)
  • Class inheritance
  • Type safety and cardinality enforcement

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