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Digital asset management and file sharing

File & Asset Management

Manage all your digital assets in Structr's integrated file system. Maintain optimal overview and control by assigning individual metadata and integrating it into the workflows of your projects.

Comprehensive Digital Asset Management

Effortlessly manage and control all your digital assets with Structr’s integrated file system. Store metadata in a graph database while keeping physical files in various storage options, ensuring optimal organization and security. Enjoy custom metadata, text extraction, full-text search, and seamless file access through multiple protocols.

File & Asset Management

Virtual File System Stored as a Graph

The Structr platform offers an integrated virtual file system where only the metadata is stored in the internal graph database, while the physical files are stored in internal and/or external storage systems. Structr’s security system (=> link to Security) is also available for all directories/files and the internal type classes for file and folder can be extended as required for your own metadata.

Much more functions are available, such as text extraction and recognition in images, monitoring of changes to physical files as well as wizard-driven import tools for CSV and XML data from files or extraction of ZIP files.


  • Custom metadata (simply extend Folder and File type)
  • Server and cloud file system watch service
  • Fulltext search with Tesseract OCR integration
  • File access through various protocols like (S)FTP and SSH/SCP
  • Wizard-driven CSV and XML import tools
  • ZIP file extraction

File & Asset Management

Exchangable Physical Storage Locations

Thanks to the extensible file system provider interface available since version 5, Structr is able to use any physical storage backend for the files, separately for each directory if required. For example, temporary files could be persisted on favorable volatile storage, frequently accessed files in fast SSD-backed file systems and less frequently used files in secure, but usually slower archive systems.


  • Internal storage on server or external
  • In-memory or fast SSDs
  • Mounted server file systems
  • Cloud storage such as AWS S3, Google Driver or Microsoft Azure Files
  • Support for long-term storage such as AWS Glacier or other WORM services

File & Asset Management

Access via Standard Protocols

All directories and files can be accessed via multiple access paths and protocols. In addition to the web client for direct administration of the file system, technical interfaces such as FTP, SCP/SFTP and HTTP/WebDAV are available, which can also be extended.

The upload can be parameterized so that metadata can be attached directly, and the download interface supports streaming and direct jumps to time stamps.


  • Web client for administration
  • FTP
  • Parameterizable upload with metadata support
  • Download with streaming support and time stamps

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