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All data types, attributes, scripts and APIs in one view

Code Area

Use the code area to access all data types and attributes directly, edit all scripts and execute methods directly.

Unified Development Environment for All Your Needs

Access and manage all data types, attributes, scripts, and APIs in one view with Structr’s code area. This powerful full-stack web IDE features advanced search, syntax highlighting, and code completion. It supports low-code tools and expert functions, offering seamless database transactions, fine-grained access control, and extensive configuration options.

Code Area

Fully Integrated Full-Stack Web IDE

The code area is our vision of a truly integrated full-stack web IDE that can be used to easily manage and edit all aspects of a software application. It will be carefully developed from version to version, directly incorporating our own experience and that of our favorite customers.

The aim is to enable developers to control all components of a software application directly and tool-supported with as little navigation between the various elements as possible, without restricting their degree of freedom.


  • Comprehensive search
  • List of recently edited elements
  • Integrated code editor (VSCode/Monaco)
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code completion

Code Area

Low-code Tools for More Convenience

Thanks to the predefined lifecycle methods already seamlessly integrated into the database transaction management, even complex workflows can be created quite easily. All that remains to be done is to define the desired behavior, either as a Flow or as a script in one of the numerous supported programming languages.

The integrated code editor allows direct access to the data in the database from the code level through direct object mapping and offers code completion with access to all internal keywords, functions and schema information.


  • Full support of database transactions
  • Predefined and custom lifecycle methods
  • Fine-grained access control at object level
  • Many configuration options
  • In the future: AI tools for schema modeling and database query generation

Code Area

Expert Functions for Professional Developers

But professionals are not neglected either. Many expert functions and a very large number of configuration options make it possible to implement almost any use case with the Structr platform.

External databases and HTTP APIs can be integrated, the internal APIs can be documented via the integrated OpenAPI/Swagger module, and a logging function that can be configured in detail and a remote debugging interface are available for troubleshooting.


  • OpenAPI/Swagger integration
  • Outbound HTTP API to connect any web service or microservice
  • Integration of databases via SQL, GQL/Cypher and MongoDB drivers
  • Multi-level logging and remote debugging
  • External authentication via OAuth, JWT etc.

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