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Manage all data in one place

Data Editor

Access all data in the Structr platform in almost any representation, structure and format, while respecting all access rights. Manage it efficiently with the flexible data editor and import or export it for further use in any system.

Comprehensive Data Management in One Platform

Effortlessly manage all your data with Structr’s integrated Data Editor. Access, manipulate, and manage data in various formats with features like CRUD operations, customizable views, and type inheritance. Seamlessly integrate and transfer data using the JSON/REST API and import/export options, ensuring comprehensive data management.

Data Editor

Data Management

The integrated data editor allows direct manipulation of individual database objects via the Admin UI. All typical operations such as create, read, update and delete are supported (CRUD). In addition, the user interface is customizable by selecting predefined sets of object properties (views) or configuring the attributes individually.

By supporting type inheritance, multiple data types can be displayed and managed in the same editor table by selecting their parent type. The data editor also allows access rights to be defined at object level.


  • Access all data of any type
  • Type selector/filter and paging
  • Customizable columns
  • Support for type inheritance
  • Manage object-level access permissions

Data Editor

JSON/REST API with HTML representation

The JSON/REST API is generated directly from the data schema and defined via the schema editor (=> link zu Schema Editor), no further programming or configuration work is required. All data objects can be queried via the REST API in almost any structure and nesting depth. The queries can be parameterized within very broad limits via URL and header parameters.

The data interfaces of the Structr platform combine the advantages of graph and document databases in that they offer redundancy-free storage, but also enable almost any aggregation and output format without the need for complex database operations or map/reduce calculations.


  • Redundancy-free storage and any aggregations possible
  • Interface definition without programming effort
  • Parameterizable queries with pagination
  • HTML representation for displaying JSON data in the browser

Data Editor

Data access, import and export

A number of import and export options are available to get data into or out of the Structr platform. For simple data, text in CSV format can imported directly via copy and paste, while in the file area, wizard-based import tools allow a more convenient import of CSV and XML data from files with significantly more functionality.

All data can be retrieved in JSON format via the JSON/REST interface, but also directly as a CSV or XML stream. All access protection patterns defined at the various security levels are taken into account when data is accessed in the Structr platform at any interface.


  • Parameterizable JSON/REST interface
  • GraphQL interface (read only)
  • CSV/XML import and export
  • Streaming directly from the database
  • Permissions are in effect on all access paths

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