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Integrated CMS with 100% customizability

Content Management

With the content management tool seamlessly integrated into the Structr platform, content can be easily designed, managed and edited. Thanks to the schema-based expandability, any content structures can be mapped.

Fully Customizable Integrated CMS

Easily design, manage, and edit content with Structr’s integrated CMS. Enjoy schema-based expandability to map any content structure and utilize out-of-the-box features like custom content containers, support for various content types, and a robust Digital Asset Management system. With individual content authoring tools, low-code development, and seamless workflow integration, Structr’s CMS offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

Content Management

Lots of Out-of-the-box Functionality

For simple CMS use cases, the admin UI of the Structr platform offers an integrated content management tool, which can be used to create any hierarchical structures and content items. To map different content types, you can use the schema editor to create your own type classes for content containers and content items, which can then be created and edited in the content area.

Content is released and published via the platform’s access control system so that even complex authorization scenarios can be implemented. Templates of any form and arbitrary output rules for content delivery can be created with the integrated page builder.


  • Custom content containers and content items with the schema editor
  • Support for any content types
  • Integrated Digital Asset Management system (DAM)
  • Virtual file system for document management
  • Authorization control via platform security concept

Content Management

Individual Content Authoring Apps

No CMS, no matter how sophisticated, can cover all thinkbale CMS use cases through configuration alone, which is why Structr consistently takes the approach of considering a CMS authoring interface as an individual development within the scope of a CMS project. Due to Structr’s low-code tool support, it is not a significant additional expense.

In return, all users receive individual user interfaces that are perfectly tailored to their respective roles and needs: From the simple, fast and mobile-friendly app for content editors to dashboards for reviewers to all-in-one tools for power users and admins.


  • Individual content authoring tools can be designed for all roles
  • Fast development thanks to low-code tools
  • Seamless integration of all supplied functionality
  • Script engine with support for numerous languages
  • Pixel-perfect adaptation to corporate identity and design specifications possible

Content Management

Workflow is the soul of content maintenance

A good content management concept is characterized in particular by suitable workflows for content creation, but above all for updating, because outdated content is usually worse than no content at all.

Again, the openness and flexibility of the Structr platform proves to be a great advantage, as content workflows are typically more complex than expected and often change over the course of the project. Instead of predefined workflows that force users into a tight corset and only allow more complex use cases with great effort, content workflows in Structr can be created individually with the support of low-code tools.


  • Create any workflows using predefined lifecycle methods
  • Workflows can be expressed either as script code or Flows
  • Seamless integration with the three-level security system
  • Connections to any external systems via integrated APIs
  • Workflow control also possible via REST and other APIs

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