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About Structr

Meet the company
behind Structr

Structr is the manufacturer of an innovative low-code platform that is based on a graph database and is successfully used by renowned customers at home and abroad to implement digital solutions in a modern architecture in an extremely short time.

Mission statement

Our mission is to create nothing less than the most powerful, versatile and open application platform based on graph technology.

Who we are

About Structr

We are the core team behind the open-source product Structr. Our goal is to deliver best-quality, innovative solutions and individual software development.

The brand Structr was established in 2010 when Axel Morgner started the software project of the same name. In 2011, when his brother Christian joined the project, the two brothers founded a company which has been renamed to Structr GmbH in 2015.

Office Frankfurt, Germany

Our Location

Structr Frankfurt

AOC Building
5th Floor

Structr GmbH
Hanauer Landstraße 291
60314 Frankfurt am Main

+49 800 / 78 78 287

Who we work with

Our Global Partners

Structr collaborates with global partners to drive innovation, expand capabilities, and deliver comprehensive solutions to clients worldwide.

Details about our Partner program

Who we are

Meet the core team

We love what we do. Our intrinsic motivation is to support you in an efficient way with our technology and to be successful together with you as a team.

Axel Morgner

Axel Morgner

Founder & Managing Director

Christian Morgner

Christian Morgner

Co-Founder & Developer

Kai Schwaiger

Kai Schwaiger

Partner & Developer

Lukas Reich

Lukas Reich

Partner, Developer & Project Manager

Michael Volpert

Michael Volpert

Partner & Advisor

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What makes Structr stand out?

Build individual software solutions in no timeBuild individual software solutions in no time

Feature-rich applications in minutes with the flexibility and speed of Graph technology

Control complexity through graph technologyControl complexity through graph technology

No-compromise back-ends and front-ends optimized for each role

All-in-one software stack with all necessary toolsAll-in-one software stack with all necessary tools

Build real end-to-end solutions without any additional tools or services needed