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In the long term, success is mainly determined by architecture

Benefits of Structr

Structr's low-code platform leverages advanced graph technology to streamline application development and customization. Users benefit from its flexible architecture, seamless integration, and robust performance, enabling efficient data management and process optimization.


Modern, Flexible and Scalable Architecture

In the long term, the right architecture is crucial. Structr offers the greatest possible flexibility through the use of a graph database and supports many different programming languages with the Polyglot scripting engine.

Structr can be deployed and scaled from a simple stand-alone system on its own hardware to a multi-instance enterprise solution in the cloud, fulfilling enterprise-level high-availability and clustering requirements.

Mega trend low-code platforms

The Analysts Agree

Enterprise-wide low-code application platforms enable compelling productivity gains for (...) development and faster deployment.
Low-code development platforms are emerging as a key strategy for accelerating application delivery (...). And they can make software development up to 10x faster than traditional methods.


Immediate Visible 
and Usable Results

Few things are more counterproductive to the success of an IT solution than a slow project start. It often takes a long time to select the technology stack, put together a team and implement an initial basis of functionality.

With Structr, you can start immediately and see usable results on the very first day thanks to the all-in-one stack and the numerous functions already integrated.

Well designed

Engineered to Master Complexity

Structr makes it easy to implement even complex use cases, as Structr is designed from the ground up to handle complexity. The more complex a requirement is, the more you benefit from Structr’s architecture, low-code tools and built-in functionality.

In addition, Structr is robust, secure, extensible, tried and tested and developed according to the latest standards – a good reference for “Made in Germany”.

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What makes Structr stand out?

Build individual software solutions in no timeBuild individual software solutions in no time

Feature-rich applications in minutes with the flexibility and speed of Graph technology

Control complexity through graph technologyControl complexity through graph technology

No-compromise back-ends and front-ends optimized for each role

All-in-one software stack with all necessary toolsAll-in-one software stack with all necessary tools

Build real end-to-end solutions without any additional tools or services needed