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Integrated Web Development Tools for any Level

Page Builder

Create and manage feature-rich pages and build complex applications via drag’n drop and scripting integration.

Beautiful Web Pages in Minutes

The Page Builder is the universal tool for creating and maintaining the specific user interface of a Structr application. Even inexperienced users can use it to create beautiful web pages in a short time.

Page Builder

Modular System
& Visual Editor

By using predefined templates from a self-expandable modular system and the interactive preview, which serves as an editor for simple tasks, typical pages can be created and customized without programming knowledge.


  • Expandable modular system with predefined elements
  • Inline editing
  • Easy expansion through cloning and editing
  • Recycle bin for restoring deleted elements
  • Import tool for rapid prototyping

Page Builder

Flexible and Practical Tools for Experienced Users

Structr offers exactly the right level for advanced users to expand their skills and knowledge. By integrating database queries, static pages can easily be transformed into dynamic ones. Once markup has been created, it can be reused on multiple pages thanks to the template management and the shared components.

Even interactive elements such as forms and buttons can be linked to database CRUD operations (create, read, update and delete) with just a few clicks and without any programming effort.


  • Management of page elements (W3C DOM tree) via drag and drop
  • Editor for individual template blocks
  • Definition of reusable components
  • Dynamic data through repeaters and script expressions
  • Event-action mapping

Page Builder

Complete Web Technology Stack for Experts

Professionals also benefit from Structr’s wide range of functions. It’s not just the integrated file system that impresses, in which your own web components such as JavaScript and CSS files are stored and delivered directly from the integrated web server.

The integration of your own scripts in almost any programming language is also child’s play thanks to the integrated GraalVM Polyglot Engine.


  • Scripts in many programming languages (JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, R, Java, .NET/C#)
  • Seamless integration of script code with integrated function library
  • Direct access to database data and schema methods
  • Localization/translation support and editor
  • Comprehensive authorization system with support for CORS

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What makes Structr stand out?

Build individual software solutions in no timeBuild individual software solutions in no time

Feature-rich applications in minutes with the flexibility and speed of Graph technology

Control complexity through graph technologyControl complexity through graph technology

No-compromise back-ends and front-ends optimized for each role

All-in-one software stack with all necessary toolsAll-in-one software stack with all necessary tools

Build real end-to-end solutions without any additional tools or services needed