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Visual programming, where the programs are graphs

Flow Engine & Editor

With the flow editor, you can create programs without writing tons of lines of code. Simply select the appropriate flow elements and connect them together in a visual editor to create the desired logic and behavior, which is executed by the flow engine directly from the graph.

Visual Programming Made Easy

Create programs effortlessly with Structr’s Flow Engine and Editor. This tool enables collaboration between business users and developers using a visual interface, connecting flow elements to build logic without extensive coding. Seamlessly integrate data and functions, involve business users directly, and streamline processes with advanced features and minimal documentation.

Flow Engine & Editor

One Tool for Business Users and Developers

The overarching value of the Flows development environment in the Structr platform is that subject matter experts who have the business knowledge can work with the same tool as the developers who are responsible for implementing the business processes.

Of course, the operation of the flow editor benefits greatly from developer skills and is therefore mainly used by developers. But SMEs can at least follow the development at any time and intervene to correct it if necessary.


  • One tool for business users and developers
  • Joint development with extremely little individual coding
  • Direct access to all data and functions of the Structr platform
  • Seamless integration into the other functionality of the platform

Flow Engine & Editor

Unbeatable Advantages for SMEs

The strong similarity of Flows to flowchart diagrams in typical tools for business users, such as Visio, makes it easy for them to follow the technical implementation at all times.

As a result, business users are no longer second-class participants who rely on the transformation performance of the developers and their willingness to allow business influence directly during development, but can control it directly.


  • Direct influence of business users on implementation
  • Prevents misunderstandings and saves a huge amount of time
  • Better understanding of technical restrictions
  • Success monitoring of business and technical aspects in the same tool
  • Real-agile projects possible

Flow Engine & Editor

No compromises for developers

As a developer, the concept of flow-based development may be unfamiliar at first. In the Structr platform, however, the degree of freedom is not restricted, as flows can be integrated into repeater queries and any scripts.

On the other hand, system-supplied or any custom scripts and programs can be integrated as part of a Flow. This makes Flows a serious alternative to traditional programming, especially if close collaboration with the specialist users is the priority.


  • Simplified requirements engineering by using the same tool
  • No additional exchange documentation needed
  • No loss of information due to direct collaboration with the business side
  • Visual and interactive data flow, process flow and exception handling flow
  • Connection to the entire functional diversity of the platform
  • Predefined function blocks and full scripting support

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