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Structr Partner Program

Our partners, a strong foundation for our vision

From technology providers to system integrators, consultants to store publishers, Structr provides its partners with immediate and dynamic support to deliver value to its joint global customers.

Fast empowerment

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The Structr Partner Program is tailored to the specific needs of companies to facilitate fast development of individual solutions. Accelerate your own developments by using our deep knowledge of graph bases solutions …

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  • Individual Trainings

Our Partners

Proven Technology Partnerships

Graph Database & Technology Provider

Partner since 2011

Neo4j, the leading graph database since 2007, combines high-performance graph storage, the user-friendly Cypher query language, ACID transactions, and robust enterprise-grade features.

SME Development

Partner since 2022

LARUS, an innovative SME, develops data-driven platforms using network science and cutting-edge tech, helping customers optimize decisions, increase profits, and stay competitive.

Scalable digital systems

Partner since 2023

Redyal builds scalable digital systems, integrating and automating workflows to optimize decision-making, reduce costs, and enhance team efficiency.

European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation

Partner since 2020

EIT Digital is a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe’s digital transformation.

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What makes Structr stand out?

Build individual software solutions in no timeBuild individual software solutions in no time

Feature-rich applications in minutes with the flexibility and speed of Graph technology

Control complexity through graph technologyControl complexity through graph technology

No-compromise back-ends and front-ends optimized for each role

All-in-one software stack with all necessary toolsAll-in-one software stack with all necessary tools

Build real end-to-end solutions without any additional tools or services needed